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Welcome About Gaffelgården
Ystad offers many different possibilities to accommodate you. Camping close to the beach, Luxery Spa hotels or hotels like Continental du Sud, one of Sweden's oldest and finest hotels

And last but not least,
Gaffelgården Guesthouse. Unique, exotic and very very special. A guesthouse you didn't expect to find in the city centre of Ystad,  .

Our guesthouse offers accommodation for 2-3 persons at the most. Calm, secluded and very discreet, with no direct neighbors.

As our guests you will reside in your own building, the Barn, in a mini suite with a double bed, separate small sitting room, ensuite shower and toilet, a small pentry with fridge, micro wave and tea and coffee making facilities plus a sitting group in the garden. With an extra bed you can stay three in the rooms.

And, keep in mind, all this in the absolute city centre of Ystad, just a few hundred metres to nearly  everything!



Welcome to Ystad.
Welcome to Gaffelgården (The Fork farm)

Gaffelgården is called so, because
 a)  it used to be a real farm with cows, horses and other domestic animals 
it is situated at the Gaffelgränd (Fork Alley) – a place where one street is dsplit into two – like a fork.

This is the place where Ystad once started to grow – from a fishing hamlet at the estuary of the Vassaån river to the picturesque town of today, when the coastline has moved south and the remains of the Vassaån stream is under ground.

The Gaffelgården buildings can be seen on the very first map of Ystad, dated back to the late 1600’s. We can see that there were three buildings on the property but we do not know how they looked or how they were used.

What we do know, is that the property was used as a farm in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. The insurance policy indicated that the owner had two cows and one horse and that the building that is painted yellow today, was used as a stable.

The animals were moved on the footpath north along the river to the village green in the outskirts of the town - where all the city farmers kept their animals – and back again before sunset.

But Ystad is not only history – even if you find more than 300 half timbered houses here – far more than any other town in Sweden or Denmark. Ystad is also a town for shopping, relaxing and enjoying an excellent sandy beach.

We are convinced that you will enjoy your stay in our town.

Once again: Welcome to Ystad

Maja and Leif Malmquist